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A abject accolade ADJECTIVES adulation aesthetic anathema anathematize anathemize anomalous apogee apparition assiduous avarice B barque bedizen bombastic boulevardier burgeon C cacophony callipygian canon cartesian castigation chary chestnut circumbendibus circumlocution cohort complaisance concatenation connoisseur consanguineous corrugated coruscate craven cupidity D daedal defenestration diffident diluvial dogmatic dyspeptic E ebullience emollient encomium enervate ephemeral equipoise erudite esthetic ethereal etiolate excoriate exculpate excursus exegesis exigent expatiate expurgate extirpate F fallacious fatuous fracas froward G gambol garrulous gossamer H harangue hegemony heresy heterodox homilitics hors d'oeuvres hors de combat I iconoclast imbibe imbibing imbroglio impecunious imperious imprecation impuissance inchoate ineffable ineluctable inert inimical inimitable innervate innocuous insouciant intransigent inveigh inveigle J jejune jeremiad jingoism jingoist K karuna L lachrymose laconic latitudinarian licentious loquacious lubricious lucullan lugubrious luminious M machination magnanimous magnate malaise malediction malevolent matutinal mawkish mendacity mercurial meretricious moiety morose n nimiety nonage nostrum NOUNS O obfuscation objurgate obsequious odious odium odoriferous P pantagruelian peccadillo pedantic pellucid penury peon perigee peripatetic peruse petrous phlegmatic picaresque pillory plangent platitude potemkin village potentate precarious probity progenitor progeny propitiate pugilist punctilious punitive Q querulous quixotic r raffish recalcitrant remunerate revenant reverent riposte runic S sagacious salient salutary sanctimony sanguinary sanguine saturnine sedulous seraphic specious spurious supercilious supine T tamp tautology temerarious temerity timorous tirade tortuous trenchant turbid turgid tyro U umbrage unctuous upbraid usufruct usury V variegated venerate verbose VERBS verisimilitude veritable virago viscous vitiate W waft waggish weekly word lists word of the day Z zealous

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