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Saturday, May 10, 2008

INCHOATE: "imperfectly formed; partly there"

Word of the Day Archive Tuesday May 14, 2002 

inchoate \in-KOH-it\, adjective: 1. In an initial or early stage; just begun. 2. Imperfectly formed or formulated.

Mildred Spock believed that, at about the age of three, her children's inchoate wills were to be shaped like vines sprouting up a beanpole. -- Thomas Maier, Dr. Spock: An American Life

She also had a vision, not yet articulated, an inchoate sense of some special calling that awaited her. -- Linda Lear, Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

You take on a project because of the feeling, perhaps inchoate, that it may in some way contribute to your deeper understanding of the larger-scale research program you have chosen as your life's work. -- Christopher Scholz, Fieldwork: A Geologist's Memoir of the Kalahari

 Inchoate comes from the past participle of Latin inchoare, alteration of incohare, "to begin." of the Day Archive/inchoate

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