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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TAUTOLOGY: "(logic) a statement that is necessarily true; Useless repetition"

"the statement 'he is brave or he is not brave' is a tautology"

"to say that something is 'adequate enough' is a tautology"
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Examples of tautology
The British supermarket Tesco sells a brand of lemon thyme which it describes as having an "aromatic aroma".
"free gift" is tautologous because a gift, by definition, is something given without charge.
The Yogi Berra-esque statement "If you don't get any better, you'll never improve" is another example. A very frequently used tautologous phrases are "PIN number"- the "N" stands for number
Tautology in popular culture
Comedian Alan King used to tell this story: His lawyer asked him if he had ever drawn up a will. Alan said "No". The lawyer, in shock and horror, said, "If you died without a will, you would die intestate!" Alan looked up the word and found that it means "without a will". "In other words, if I die without a will, then I'll die without a will. This legal pearl cost me $500!"
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